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“Bakawu Adat” tradition of Dharmasraya community still survives as a means of friendship
The community follows the "Bakawu Adat" tradition at the Datuak Gadang Tuanku Dauli Sikabau Tomb, Nagari Sikabau, Pulau Punjung Subdistrict, Dharmasraya Regency, Tuesday (10/3). (ANTARASUMBAR / Ilka Jensen)
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“Bakawu Adat” tradition of Dharmasraya community still survives as a means of friendship 

Pulau Punjung, – The “Bakawu Adat” tradition of the Nagari (Traditional Village) Sikabau, Dharmasraya Regency, W Sumatra still survives as a means of friendship and a form of gratitude for the blessings and fortune given by the creator.

“Bakawu adat is routinely carried out every year, this tradition has been carried out by Sikabau ancestors since hundreds of years ago,” said Wali Nagari (Head of the Customary Village) Sikabau, Punjung Island Subdistrict, Abdul Razak on Punjung Island, Tuesday.

He said that in the tradition that is still sustainable, people came to the Tomb of Datuak Gadang Tuanku Dauli Sikabau which is the founding founder of Nagari Sikabau or called ancestral community “cancang latiah”.

Cancang latiah ancestors who used to find flat land and a good place for people to grow crops and to carry out activities of social life as it is today.

“The presence of the community today is a form of gratitude and appreciates the ancestors and then pray to always be given health and convenience in the future,” he said.

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He said the customary Bakawu tradition was carried out after the rice harvest season. In the past when the harvest season comes, it means that the community enters relaxing days as well as a sign that the Holy Month of Ramadan will arrive.

He said after Eid or before Eid al-Adha would hold again “Bakawu Ompiang” as a sign the community will start planting again.

“In this tradition, mothers bring “rantang” or lunch box to eat together, then it is continued by pole party,” he added.

Thus, the Regent of Dharmasraya Sutan Riska Tuanku Kerajaan appreciates the tradition of Bakawu Adata which is still survive in this time.

“I hope this tradition must be maintained by all people and traditional leaders,” he said.

He invited the Bakawu Adat tradition to be interpreted by the community as the spirit of protecting the universe as passed down by the Sikabau ancestors before.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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Pewarta : Ilka Jansen
Editor: Maswandi

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