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Gold prices rise to IDR 1,85 million per 2,5 gram in Padang
Buyer asking the gold price at one gold store at Pasar Raya Padang, W Sumatra (Antara/Laila Syafarud)
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Gold prices rise to IDR 1,85 million per 2,5 gram in Padang 

Padang, – Gold prices at Pasar Raya Padang, W Sumatra rose from IDR 1.835.000 to IDR 1.850.000 per 2,5 gram.

“Besides the price of gold, gold bar prices also rise to IDR 1.840.000 from IDR 1.830.000 per 2,5 gram,” said Firman Mulia, one gold seller at Pasar Raya Padang on Monday.

No only that, the price of white gold also rose to IDR 710.000 from IDR 690.000 per gram, he said.

He also said gold price increase occured since the news about coronavirus spread.

Futhermore, gold price increase because of changes in the value of the dollar and rising world gold prices.

“The higher the value of the dollar against the rupiah, the price of gold will strengthen or higher,” he said.

According to him gold prices indeed a litte bit expensive than gold bar because it is not modified yet.

“I think the price of this gold will continue to rise until Eid later, because the number of requests at market increase,” he said.

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He also said at this time, 60 percent of his customer who came to his store not to buy gold but they just sold their gold again.

“The price discount for gold sales is IDR 100.000 per 2.5 grams,” he said.

Trasnleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

Pewarta : Laila Syafarud
Editor: Maswandi

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