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Padang holds bonsai exhibition to increase tourist visits
Marketing Division Head of Tourism and Culture Agency, Padang City, Otto Sarbi MT Damanik (number two of left) (Antara/Laila Syafarud)
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Padang holds bonsai exhibition to increase tourist visits 

Padang ( – The Government of Padang City, W Sumatra, through local Tourism and Culture Agency will hold bonsai exhibition to increase tourist visits in this city.

Marketing Division Head of Tourim and Culture of Padang City, Otto Sarbi MT Damanik in Padang, on Wednesday said the bonsai exhibition actiity is the first time is held in padang City aims to increase tourit visits.

“Bonsai exhibition activity will be held on March 6-8, 2020 at Purus Beach, Padang City, W Sumatra,” He Said.

Moreover, he said besides to fix insfrastructure, one effort that should do to increase tourist visits is with held various activities.

“Hopefully later the bonsai exhibition become annual agenda,” he said.

Committee Head of bonsai exhibition, Diko Jangguik said later about hundreds of bonsai would be displayed at bonsai exhibition.

There are various Bonsai types that would be displayed, one of the most famous bonsai

Is evergreen bonsai with the price reach tens of millions of rupiah.

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“Bonsai prices is various, started from Rp25.000 to tens of millions of rupiah,” he said.

Besides various of bonsai, there is competition for students in Padang City that is writing competition, read poetry and drawing bonsai.

“the winners will get gift of bonsai,” he said.

Transleted by : Mutiara Ramadhani

Pewarta : Laila Syafarud
Editor: Maswandi

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