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Padang Panjang gov’t provides 50 stands to enliven Literacy Festival
Padang Panjang City Government held a Literacy Festival to enliven literacy activities in the local area. (Photo: Archive Service and Library, Padang Panjang)
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Padang Panjang gov’t provides 50 stands to enliven Literacy Festival 

Padang Panjang,– The Government of the City of Padang Panjang, W Sumatra provided 50 stands to enliven the Literacy Festival which was held as an effort to revive literacy activities in the local area.

“The 50 stands provided will be filled by schools, regional apparatus, community reading parks (TBM) and others displaying their literacy products,” Head of the Archive Service and Library Padang Panjang Alvi Sena said in Padang Panjang on Tuesday.

The festival will be held on March 12-14, 2020, located in the Bancah Laweh field in Padang Panjang.

He explained that the festival was held as an appreciation for the citizens of literacy activists who had already volunteered for activities.

Literacy activities do not only cover literacy activities but more broadly invites people to reading and exploring the potential and then utilize the information obtained to improve welfare.

In Padang Panjang, the activity was mostly carried out by TBM which was formed and managed by residents.

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Activities carried out in the form of making handicrafts from used goods, tahfiz, making batik, making chips, studying literature and others.

“Because TBM are present independently and voluntarily, it is necessary to appreciate that the managers and residents involved in the reading park remain enthusiastic about reviving activities at TBM,” he said.

In 2017, there were only four TBMs that were managed by the community but currently there are 26 reading parks present on the terraces of people’s homes as well as on vacant land that are transformed into reading and playing rooms for children.

In the festival there will also be an inauguration of the administrator of the Padang Panjang Reading Interest Action(GPMB), the inauguration of the Literacy Mother of the villages and sub-districts, literacy talks and various competitions for children. 

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

Pewarta : Ira Febrianti
Editor: Maswandi

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