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Solok Selatan more close to Muaro Bungo Airport
Solok Selatan Regent Acting Officer Abdul Rahman together with the Head of the Kerinci Seblat National Park Office Tamen Sitorus showed the signed MoU to improve the Tandai road (ANTARA / HO)
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Solok Selatan more close to Muaro Bungo Airport 

Padang Aro, – Acting Officer of Solok Selatan Regent, West Sumatra Abdul Rahman said the improvement of the Taluak Aia Putih-Simpang PB road through Tandai will advance the district’s tourism.

“Through this road, the Solok Selatan access to Muaro Bungo airport is getting closer, make it easy for tourists who will visit and I am sure that tourism will continue to develop,” he said after signing an MoU to improve the Taluak Aia Putih-Simpang PB road with TNKS in Padang Aro, Wednesday .

He said the distance between the capital city of Solok Selatan, Padang Aro and Muaro Bungo airport was only 80 kilometers, if the road was good it could be taken in 90 minutes.

During this time, he said, Solok Selatan tourism is difficult to compete with other destinations in West Sumatra because it is too far from the airport.

“With this Tandai road access, Solok Selatan is getting closer to the airport so the tourism industry can compete with other regions,” he said.

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With increasingly advanced tourism, it will impact on improving the economic community.

The local government has prepared various attractive tourist destinations to visit such as Camintoran, Goa Batu Kapal and cultural tours in the Saribu Rumah Gadang area.

The Government of Solok Selatan Regency, West Sumatra together with the BBTNKS signed a memorandum of understanding for the improvement of the Tandai road located in the Special Zone of TNKS.

The Head of the TNKS Center Tamen Sitorus said that the Taluak Aia Putiah-Simpang Pasar Besar road pass Tandai with 13,918 kilometers long, now all the legal legality has been fulfilled and can be done by the Solok Selatan government to be improved with The prudence concept.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

Pewarta : Erik Ifansya Akbar
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